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Advil Film-Coated FAQs

  • Advil Liqui-Gels have a liquid form of ibuprofen inside, while fast-acting Advil Film-Coated Tablets are a solid form of ibuprofen sodium (a salt form of ibuprofen). Both get absorbed by the body quickly (the first because they’re liquid and the second because they’re a salt form), so both products are designed for fast absorption and fast relief.

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  • The levels of sodium in fast-acting Advil Film-Coated tablets are not high enough to require label warnings – each fast-acting Advil Film-Coated Tablet contains 22 mg of sodium. Even if the maximum daily dose is taken (6 tablets), the total amount of sodium ingested is only 132 mg. Per the FDA*, the recommended daily value for sodium is less than 2,400 mg per day, although some people may need less due to health concerns. Speak with your doctor about your sodium intake.

    *“Sodium in Your Diet: Use the Nutrition Facts Label and Reduce Your Intake” retrieved from

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