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Advil® Liqui-Gels®

What are Advil® Liqui-Gels®?

Advil® Liqui-Gels® contain 200mg of solubilized ibuprofen, a liquid form of the pain reliever in Advil®. The liquid form allows them to be absorbed into the body quickly for fast pain relief.

Are Advil® Liqui-Gels® faster than Tylenol® Extra Strength on my tough pain?

Yes. In clinical tests, Advil® Liqui-Gels® were compared to Tylenol® Extra Strength for speed of pain relief. The results showed that Advil® Liqui-Gels® relieve tough pain significantly faster than Tylenol® Extra Strength.

Are Advil® Liqui-Gels faster than Tylenol® Rapid Release Gels?

Yes. Advil® Liqui-Gels® are proven faster and stronger than Tylenol® Rapid Release Gels on tough pain.

How are Advil® Liqui-Gels® different than fast-acting Advil® Film-Coated Tablets?

Advil® Liqui-Gels® are solubilized ibuprofen inside a gelatin capsule (gel cap). Fast acting Advil® Film-Coated Tablets are a solid form of ibuprofen sodium. Both are designed for fast absorption and fast relief, so your decision on which to use is based on your preference.

What do Advil® Liqui-Gels® look like?

Advil® Liqui-Gels® are green, oblong liquid-filled capsules and have the Advil® logo on them.

How are Advil® Liqui-Gels® different from regular Advil® Tablets?

They contain a liquid form of ibuprofen (the pain reliever in Advil®) so some people prefer them because they’re absorbed into the body quickly for fast pain relief. However, Liqui-Gels® contain the same amount of pain reliever as regular Advil® so you’re getting the same powerful pain relief no matter which option you choose.

What is “solubilized ibuprofen”?

“Solubilized ibuprofen," like the medicine in Advil® Liqui-Gels®, is a liquid form of the pain reliever ibuprofen. The ibuprofen has been completely dissolved in a liquid center inside a soft capsule shell, which is surrounded by a gelatin coating – which is why they’re called “Liqui-Gels®.”

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