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Introducing The Advil Pain Equity Project

The Advil Pain Equity Project is a long-term commitment to champion equitable and accessible pain relief, created by Advil and launched in partnership with Morehouse School of Medicine and BLKHLTH. The Advil Pain Equity Project's first campaign, Believe My Pain, is focused on illuminating the issue of pain inequity in Black communities.

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Join our mission to address pain bias at the source.

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Championing equitable relief

Advil believes that true pain relief is achieved by targeting pain at the source. That’s why Advil, Morehouse School of Medicine and BLKHLTH have decided to team up in a mission for pain equity. Together, we’re committed to taking on challenges at the source—through various research, educational and community initiatives.


True stories about pain inequity

In July 2023, 7 members of the Black community shared their experiences with pain inequity. Their stories are different, but they all have one thing in common: no one believed their pain was real.


Join our mission for pain equity

Whether you’re a patient who is personally experiencing pain inequity, a healthcare professional looking for ways to overcome bias, or a pain-equity advocate driving change, there are many ways to get involved.


Tools and resources

Our pain equity tools and resources are a great way to expand your understanding and broaden your impact on the issue.