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Treating Allergies


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The best treatment for allergies? Avoid the allergen itself. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. Fortunately, there are various medications to help treat your allergy symptoms.

Antihistamines help prevent the release of the chemical that causes allergy symptoms, known as histamine. Unfortunately, antihistamines do not provide 100% relief, so many people can still experience congestion, runny nose, and fatigue despite taking an antihistamine.

"Antihistamines do not provide 100% relief"

Anti-inflammatory medications treat the inflammation that causes a stuffy nose and the narrowing of the airways in the sinuses. Although medications, such as intranasal corticosteroids, reduce inflammation, there are other over-the-counter options, too. Advil Allergy & Congestion Reliefis specifically formulated to relieve nasal congestion by reducing the release of histamine and by decreasing swelling within the nasal passages so you can breathe easier.

The next time you experience an allergy attack, consider a medication that treats your nasal allergies in two ways—with an antihistamine and anti-inflammatory medication – like Advil Allergy & Congestion Relief.