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Nighttime Pain

There's nothing worse than having your sweet dreams interrupted by nighttime pain. Find out which Advil products can help you get relief from pesky nighttime aches and pain including headache, backache, and minor pain of arthritis. Fall asleep and stay asleep with Advil PM Caplets and Advil PM Liqui-Gels, which put nighttime ache and pains to rest, when used as directed.

Use Advil PM Caplets and Liqui-Gels to get relief from the following symptoms:

  • Occasional sleeplessness when associated with minor aches and pains

Advil PM Caplets and Liqui-Gels help you:

  • Fall asleep
  • Stay asleep

12 years of age and older:

  • Take 2 caplets at bedtime.
  • Do not take more than 2 caplets in 24 hours.

Under 12 years of age:

  • Do not take.

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