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5 Ways To Achieve A Good Night’s Sleep

Five ways to achieve a good night's sleep

Kids aren’t the only ones who should have a bedtime routine.

Certain habits can get your mind and body ready for sleep. During the day, the right moves prime your body for a good night’s rest. At bedtime, they can signal that it’s time to unwind. The following suggestions can help you set up those rituals, so you wake up feeling rested every day.

"Wake up feeling rested every day."

Create a nighttime routine.

It’s not just for kids: Research shows that doing the same things before bed may encourage better sleep. About an hour or two before bed, take a hot bath or shower. It causes your body temperature to drop afterwards, which researchers believe encourages sleep. In fact, research shows that people fall asleep more quickly — and sleep more soundly — when they take an evening bath. Afterwards, turn off any devices, such as your smartphone or tablet. Their screens emit a type of light that may keep you from falling asleep.

Set two alarms.

When it comes to a good night’s sleep consistency is key. Going to bed and waking up at around the same time each day regulates your internal clock, which helps your body fall asleep and wake up more easily. Make sure you stay on schedule by setting an alarm for both the evening and morning.

Use smart sleep aids.

The right ones can improve your sleep quality. For instance, even mild pain, such as from a sore back or headache, can keep you up. Taking a nighttime pain reliever can ease the ache and help you fall asleep.

Open the blinds first thing.

Sunlight tells your body to wake up and can help you feel more energetic in the morning. One study found that exposure to light in the morning can also help boost your mood and improve your sleep at night.

Get moving in the morning.

Exercising in a.m. guarantees that you’ll get in a workout. It also gives you an energy boost, and may help you sleep better at night. Can’t manage to get out the door? Try doing a simple yoga or stretching routine right in your home — you’ll still have to get up a little earlier to get it in, but don’t need a gym membership.

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